As one of Judaism's oldest symbols, it appears throughout Jewish customs and rituals. The light of the menorah ushers in the Sabbath, represents the miracle of Chanukah and the sanctity of all Jewish holidays.

The menorah reflects the past and illuminates the future. It is a symbol of the brightness of life even in the face of death. The light of the menorah reminds us that we are part of this great eternal life.

Historical Facts

Found in the Bible in it's seven branch form, the menorah represents the seven days of Creation. Light exemplifies faith, hope and truth, but more importantly, it symbolizes the divine within us, as the Book of Proverbs (20:27) teaches "the human spirit is the light of the Lord."

The eight-branches of the Hanukkah menorah, the emblem of Judaism's Festival of Light, spread light and hope. Light is a part of every Jewish holy day, and its symbolizes the mission of bringing Judaism's message of hope to the world, as Isaiah wrote (42:6) "I the Lord have made you a covenant people, a light to the nations."

Paula Burger