Passionate is a word that describes the life and and art of Paula Burger. Passion was born from Paula's unrelenting joy in life and aspects of rebirth.

Born in Poland and a Holocaust survivor, she immigrated to America in 1949. Her first experience with painting began at the age of 12. She became known as the tomboy who drew and painted. What followed was a lifetime commitment to the arts and her involvement in studying and creating.

"Art comes from life and it's expression; it validates my existence. There is nothing in the world more exciting for me to do than paint." And so she paints from the heart. As a versatile artist, Burger explores painting in oils, acrylics and monoprints to portray strong dynamics of line, form and color. Her versatility extends to subject matter as she portrays the fragility of floral patterns, the structure of landscapes, the pure color of abstracts and the symbol of the menorah.

"I describe myself as a colorist, using color to express and convey my emotions to the viewer. I see the fabric of life as color - visceral and textural, gentle and ephemeral - all the moods can be created by color. Through abstractions, I capture the visions of my mind, using a full spectrum of color and shapes." All of her work reflects her free expression of color and form with joyous abandon and boldness. She describes her abstract pieces as "reality."

Today, Paula paints daily in her Denver, Colorado high-rise studio. The studio's storage space is filled with her paintings, that are organized by subject matter, for delivery to galleries or to be shipped to clients nation-wide. The working part of her studio is cluttered with canvas, paint brushes and easels.

Paula Burger's paintings are represented in Colorado galleries and her works are included in numerous public, private and corporate collections throughout the world. Beginning in 1989, she has participated in a very lengthy list of juried, invitational and one-person exhibitions. Her studio is available to visit by appointment.

Paula Burger